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I was recently looking for a good way to use many of my free cloud storage accounts as an easy backup.
They all seem to have a Sync folder you must COPY files into first, then those files will be synced to your Cloud account.
However, this created multiple local copies of my files and the need to remember to sync them with the local cloud folder.
Instead I found this trick useful – Use the MKLINK command to create a Symbolic Link as a folder within your Cloud Sync folders.

Example here I am creating Symbolic Links for my Quicken Data folder into each of my Cloud Sync folders. Then they are synced to every Cloud account as extremely redundant backup.

mklink /J “c:\users\username\iCloudDrive\Quicken Backup” “c:\users\username\Quicken Data”

mklink /J “c:\users\username\Google Drive\Quicken Backup” “c:\users\username\Quicken Data”

mklink /J “c:\users\username\OneDrive\Quicken Backup” “c:\users\username\Quicken Data”

mklink /J “c:\users\username\Documents\My Dropbox\Quicken Backup” “c:\users\username\Quicken Data”

Testing to see how it works.  I also keep an external drive backup on location, just in case all this syncing hoses up my files somehow…

As of November 2014, these services have various levels of Free storage, so if you’re fine scattering things across several services they can combine to quite a bit of storage. Including:

OneDrive: 15GB Free         (Upgrade to 1TB w/Office 365 Subscription for $9.99/month)

GoogleDrive: 15GB Free    (Upgrade to 1TB for $9.99/month)

Apple iCloud: 5GB Free     (Upgrade to 200GB for $3.99, 500gb for $9.99 or 1TB for $19.99/month)

DropBox: 2GB Free             (Upgrade to 1TB for $9.99/month)

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