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Hyper-V: 4 virtual CPUs in Server 2003 Guest?

Ok, so according to Microsoft, Windows Server 2003 SP2, 32bit can only have 2 Virtual Processors in Hyper-V, but I had mine configured for 4 and it seemed to be working.


So I found out that it doesn’t limit you, but 2 is all that Microsoft Supports.
If you call them for support, they will tell you to knock it back down to 2 Virtual CPUs.
Alrighty then.
Discovered it in this technet thread:

Detailed ASP Errors in IIS 7.0

Ever seen this generic error on an ASP page hosted on IIS 7?
“An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator”

I found the following command to revert back to IIS6 behavior of sending the errors to the browser:

%windir%system32inetsrvappcmd set config -section:asp -scriptErrorSentToBrowser:true

Remote Desktop Craziness…

This problem bugged me all week.
Running Windows 2008 Server 32-bit in a Hyper-V VM, suddenly I couldn’t connect via RDP to the server from Windows7-64-bit or Windows Server 2008 32-bit.  I could connect via RDP from an older Windows Server 2003 32-bit.

Enough googling and I found this article, and the key was in the “Configuring authentication and encryption”.  I basically lowered to the lowest levels of security and it started working. Security Layer changed to “RDP Security Layer” and Encryption Level set to “Low”.  When I have time to go explore more I will try and increase these and see what works.


VBScript for Start/Stop/Save Hyper-V VMs…

I found this useful bit of VBScript code from Ben Armstrong:

Here it is basically:
Option Explicit

Dim VMList
Dim VMName

‘Specify the name of the virtual machine that I want to start
VMName = “Windows Server 2003”

‘Get instance of ‘virtualization’ WMI service on the local computer
Set WMIService = GetObject(“winmgmts:\.rootvirtualization”)

‘Query for the specific virtual machine that I want to start
Set VMList = WMIService.ExecQuery(“SELECT * FROM Msvm_ComputerSystem WHERE ElementName='” & VMName & “‘”)

‘ Request a state change on the first VM that is returned
‘ 2 = start, 3 = stop and 32769 = save state

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