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HTTP 503: Service Unavailable – Sharepoint 2010

Holy crap – hate this type of thing.
My big sharepoint site stopped responding, and just got HTTP 503: Service Unavailable errors.

Can’t even get into Central Admin pages, because – guess what – they run on Sharepoint too.

Checked everything and googled around for a while before I found this blog article that made me think to check the APPLICATION POOLS. For some reason they’re not set to restart automatically.

Weird that even an IISRESET and a Reboot didn’t fix the problem though. I had to go into INETMGR and Start the AppPools manually.

Article from Matthew Churilla:

Save Wiki Library as a Template in Sharepoint 2010

When going into Library Settings on a Wiki Library Template, I noticed the “Save Library as Template” option was missing.

Seems that the option is hidden for some reason.

Found a workaround by changing the URL in this way:
Change the “listedit.aspx” filename in the URL to “savetmpl.aspx” instead…and viola!

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